LBD GROUP | Our history | Our strengths | Our commitment

Our Business

LBD is an independent French group that produces and distributes:

  • • Hair-styling tools and decorative accessories.
  • • Hair brushes, combs, and toiletry bags.
  • • Household brushes, rugs, and floor mops.
  • • Make-up products and cosmetic tools.
  • • Personal care products, bandages, and pedicure tools.
  • • Sewing accessories and tools.
  • • Insoles, laces, and footwear accessories.

Exclusive distributor of:

Our Mission

  • •Mobilise the energy, intelligence, and expertise of everyone involved to serve the increasingly demanding needs of our consumers.
  • • Go out into the field to listen to our customers to serve them better at a lower cost.
  • • Offer the best value, service, and level
    of innovation for the best market price.
  • • Guarantee to all of our customers and partners GROWTH - PROFITABILITY - RELIABILITY

Our Values

“A corporate culture on a human scale in which everyone’s important efforts lead to success”.

François CARAYOL
CEO of La Brosse et Dupont