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An outstanding corporate culture

The health of our group is not due to luck or money. Our success stems from the fact that we work faster, harder, and differently than our competitors.
LBD cultivates values that have stood the test of the time:

Teamwork – Solidarity – Professionalism – Responsibility – Simplicity – Perseverance – Profitability – Longevity

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The “Guaranteed French Origin”

The “Guaranteed French Origin” label provides consumers with clear information about a product’s origin and shows the importance our group places on production quality.

The products carrying this label meet two criteria:

• The place where the product’s essential characteristics are created is located in France.
• At least 50% of the factory price per unit is acquired in France.
Bureau Veritas Certification is the accredited certification body that grants this label.

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OFG label at the following website

Award-winning products

DESSANGE Paris is shoring up its leadership position in the premium beauty accessories category. This brand stands out from all the rest, as it has long occupied its position at the top. As proof, the "Victoires de la Beauté" award was given to Dessange Paris products for the second consecutive year.

Victoires de la Beauté 2012 - 2013 :

• Brush “with rotating handle”
• “Waterproof, Metal-Free” Clip

Victoires de la Beauté 2011 - 2012 :

• ”Paddle” Brush
• “Springless” Bun Clip
The best sales force in the market

The Hygiene and Beauty sales force was elected the best sales force for the second year in a row. For the LBD group, this award is actually twofold, because the Home sales force was also elected the best sales force in the Housekeeping category during this ceremony.

We believe that the sales force is a determining factor in the development of our clients’ turnover. This award is recognition of the work our teams do on a daily basis.


Certified effectiveness

LBD integrated this technology into Glamour Paris hair brushes and bath accessories in order to keep them clean and provide long-lasting protection.

SANITIZED AG is the first international manufacturer of components with hygienic and antimicrobial features that makes it possible to protect textiles and plastics. For more than fifty years, this pioneering Swiss company has used the latest technologies to develop antimicrobial hygiene solutions.

Sanitized® products are tested, certified, and guaranteed safe for people and the environment.

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friendly innovation

  LBD has partnered with a large European plastics engineering company to design hair accessories made out of BIOCETA ®.

  As a result, our Glamour Nature clips and barrettes are made out of an inherently biodegradable material according to the OCDE 301F standard. BIOCETA® is also certified to contain zero phthalates.

BIOCETA® is an innovative material that can help protect the environment.
It is mostly composed of cellulose diacetate, a product of natural origin made from materials like cotton or wood.

Bioceta is a brand of Mazzuchelli 1849 SPA
Environmentally friendly business practises

  Glamour Nature is becoming involved in environmental protection.
By joining the “1% for the Planet” Club, Glamour Nature is turning its values into concrete actions by paying one percent of its annuals sales to environmental protection organisations.

Also, the brand is supporting the "Women Rif" project by planting
1,027 olive trees this year, which will enable women in this region of Morocco to develop a business and make a decent living. By planting trees, this initiative will also capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere".

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Several products from LBD ranges received
the Guaranteed French Origin label in 2012:

Hair accessories from the Glamour Paris range. ofg 6014670 ofg pince ofg glamour
A mop bucket and wringer system from the Elephant Expert. ofg 6019929ofg seau ofg elephant
Dessangevdb dessange
vdb dessange

Several products from LBD ranges feature
Sanitized® technology

Hair brushes from the Glamour Studio range sanitized brosses sanitized glamour
Shower poufs from the Glamour SPA range sanitized fleur sanitized glamour spa
bioceta glamour naturebioceta glamour nature
bioceta glamour nature1%pour la planète glamour nature