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A unique business model

La Brosse et Dupont offers turnkey service, providing its retail clients with unequalled performance in managing product categories with a slow rate of turnover.

Maximising the performance
of the categories we manage.

High rate of return

Reduce inventory
for product categories with
a slow rate of turnove

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A driver of innovation

The Development Department of the LBD group is in charge of product conception, design, and innovation. In addition to responding to current needs, the experts who make up this department focus on analysing trends to better anticipate what the market’s needs will be in the future.

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Our marketing teams are constantly working to ensure client satisfaction and help our clients’ ranges achieve maximum profitability.
We are a market leader in terms of the wide range of collections, ranges, and merchandising concepts we have to offer. We use frequent promotional events to boost in-store sales of our products.
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Logistics at LBD are entirely computerized and highly automated.
Our systems enable us to process a vast number of products with a slow turnover rate, allowing us to achieve unprecedented economic performance and an impeccable service rate. From purchase order to payment, our teams provide logistics tracking and link with suppliers.
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Held in very high esteem by distributors, the LBD sales force has won the LSA Award for the second year in a row. With over 250 employees in France, this team provides in-store service every day, which in turn helps our clients achieve unmatched performance and turnover.
Categories are managed so that inventory levels are always optimal.
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LBD guarantees the best terms when it comes to price, quality, and deadlines.
We perform quality control tests at every step of the process.
We carefully evaluate the safety of our cosmetic and hygiene products.
Our ranges consistently undergo pharmaceutical testing by our experts.